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What's in the box... 52 cards containing weekly date ideas. Memories to last a lifetime


A year of shared memories for any couple

Transform your time together rather than staring at screens with our Date Box, the perfect blend of spontaneity and thoughtfulness. Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or simply to enrich your relationship, this box of dates is a delightful way to keep the spark alive

What's in the box...

Examples from our Date Box

Prefer a bit of planning? The cards in the date box are colour-coded into categories; ‘Staying at Home,’ ‘Going Out,’ ‘Having a Day Out,’ and ‘A Surprise.’ The colour coding simply helps in organising your dates around your lives, while the date ideas themselves offer a range of exciting experiences.

Blue envelope

Star gazing:
Look up and gaze at the cosmos. Watch out for shooting stars, constellations and UFOs…

Orange envelope

Watch the sunrise:
Then go for a well deserved breakfast.

Yellow envelope

Comedy night:
Watch someone or something to make you both laugh til your side hurt. Smile all night long.

Green envelope

Go fly a kite: 
Feel the wind on your face.

52 weeks of dating

Inside, you’ll find 52 sealed date idea cards, providing inspiration and the trigger for fun experiences together for every week of the year. These ideas are designed to be suitable for any couple regardless of gender, lifestyle, and relationship dynamics, from cosy nights in to adventurous days out.

Add your own ideas

We’ve included 5 blank cards for you to add your personal touch. Add your own new date ideas or recreate cherished memories for an extra special touch to your date nights. These mix seamlessly with the sealed date ideas.

Engaging decision-making:

Some cards include a coin toss to decide certain aspects of your evening, bringing a lighthearted twist to your decision-making process. 

Environmentally conscious

Made from paper, our Date Night Box is not just a thoughtful gift but also follows the tradition of paper anniversary gifts, making it perfect for your first year celebration.

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Free Delivery

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Estimated delivery date Tuesday 23rd. July

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