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We may not always be able to go out on a date, but this gift has plenty of ideas for memorable date nights at home.

What's the story behind this romantic gift?

The date box was created following a gift I (John) made my wife Kate. We’d been married for eighteen months and both worked hard, we no longer really dated like we had at the beginning of our relationship.  

I filled a jar with small envelopes, each contained a date idea to encourage us to make time for each other, for date night, each week.  Every Monday morning Kate picked an envelope at random and we had to make an effort to do what the card said that week. It was exciting, neither of us knew what the date card was going to say. 

Some ideas weren’t what we’d normally choose to do but we made it fun, and most importantly we made time for each other – something we all can forget to do! Kate loved the sentimental nature of the gift and that I wanted to spend time with her 😉 I definitely ‘won Christmas’ that year, and it is still talked about now! 

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Everyone we spoke to about it said “that’s a great idea, I wish I had the time to think of the date ideas”… And we realised we did have the time and the ideas. 

Our company A Year of Dates was born in September 2016 with the date box being the first product in the range, based on the original date jar. 

We now offer a range of thoughtful gifts for all occasions but Date Box is where it all began, and where our hearts lie.  We hope you enjoy the dates as much as we enjoy making them. Happy dating.


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